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Written by  2017-08-19

Turning on SMTP authentication in your Microsoft Outlook 2010

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SMTP authentication is made to protect your email account from being compromised e.g preventing attackers from sending unsolicited email from your account as if they were you. Here is how to turn on SMTP authentication in Microsoft Outlook 2010.

    1. Open Microsoft 2010
    2. Click on File
    3. Click on Info
    4. Click on Account Settings
    5. Click the drop down button titled Account Settings
    6. Click on your email account
    7. Click on the change button
    8. Click on More Settings
    9. Select the outgoing server tab
    10. Select my outgoing server requires authentication
    11. Select log on using
    12. Enter your username and password for your email account
    13. Select remember password
    14. Click ok
    15. Click next
    16. Click finish

And you are done! Have some beer.

And by the way, SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

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