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Written by  2017-08-19

Four things that make a great website

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1) Professional design

Your website design needs to be professional and at the minimum match your competition. Get a professional who knows what they are doing. There are plenty of people out there who boast of being web designers but they are just people who download templates and cant even customise it to your business branding.


2) Convincing product offering

A good website doesn’t help much, if you do not have a great product that is in demand. Make sure that you focus on telling the benefits of your products and why the client doesn’t need to seek further; Why you are the best option for them.

Use testimonials!

3) Clear call to action

We have three questions in mind when we browse websites. 1) Is this site relevant for me? 2) What I’m supposed to do here? 3) Why would I do it in this website? A convincing product offering answers to questions 1 and 3 and a clear visible call to action answers to the second question.

4) An active blog

A blog acts as a platform to give information related to your product offering. This, utilized well, will be able to place your business at an expert position on what you evangelize in your blog. Other than that, a blog helps boost your findability in search engines by increasing your website's rankings in search engines.

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